CYNTHIA  RE  ROBBINS  painting style is realistic, with a aspect of fantasy. Colors are vibrant. to convey an emotion. and there is a flowing movement to the compositions. The imagery sometimes includes mystical women with an emphasis on water, light, and magical power.  Another side of her creativity is her love of architecture and gardens. She enjoys painting some of her favorite glimpses into the lifestyles of the region. 

TERESA  PELLICCIO practices living in the NOW and her work is deeply inspired by  Eckhart Tolle's teachings. Favorite subjects include dreams, women's empowerment, spirit, soul & the metaphysical and whimsical still-life.

LARRY MANSKER'S style of painting is easily recognized all over town. While he paints in various styles, he is noted for his scenes of Eureka Springs that include many local characters. Another of his favorite painting subjects is the local forest, his Ozark Forest Paintings.

DREW GENTLE retired from a life of animation, working for companies like Disney and Hanna-Barbera Studios, to focus on his fine-art portraits. Influenced by the abstract expressionist of the 40s and 50s, he finds his subject's inner, often conflicting voice and projects that abstract persona onto the canvas.

Diana Harvey is from a military family. This made perhaps the most formative event in her life, the two years  she  spent  studying  art  in  the  Prado  Museum  of  Madrid.  At home she completed a  B.A. in Anthropology and Archaeology, but soon turned to her love of art.

    She had a  thirty year career in  etching,  keeping a full schedule of  gallery shows,  art festivals and national shows.

    Her paintings are now shown nationwide, and are regular recipients of awards and honors. She is a Signature Member of the  National Oil and Acrylic Painter's Society,  an American Women Artists Artist of Distinction, and is listed in the Registry of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. 

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ERNIE KILMAN, when not running his canoe rental and lodging business on the Kings River, is busy painting images of water and mountain landscapes. His technique most resembles that of the New York Hudson River School of artists. .


​Gallery Artists

JOHN WILLER loves moving paint around. Nationally recognized for his figurative impressionist paintings of jazz and blues musicians, he has branched out to experiment with abstract, non-objective works.

JOHN RANKINE is a multi-media, fine art photographer and collage and assemblage artist inspired by nature and inanimate objects. His photographs are limited edition Giclee prints.