EUREKA FINE ART GALLERY is unique in that seven artists are co-owners who share the creative and operational duties of the gallery. Artists Drew Gentle, Ernie Kilman, Larry Mansker, John Willer,  John Rankine, and Cynthia Re' Robbins  are established Eureka Springs artists who form this coalition.

The gallery was established on Main St. in 2013 and relocated to upper Spring St. in 2014. All artists are responsible for keeping the gallery operational and each works in the gallery one day per week. This allows the artists to spend more time in the studio. The gallery wall space is divided equally among its members which allows them complete control over the presentation of their work. Each has their strengths and lends something unique to the co-operative whether its bookkeeping, social media skills. swinging a hammer or writing a press release.

Once a month the artists sit down together to discuss ideas about marketing, increasing web traffic flow, advertising, finances, etc. There are moments of heated discussion, but generally, everyone likes and respects one another and their opinions but it is a "majority rules" system.